About Vicarium

Make Sure It's Heavy

Vicarium's Origin

Vicarium is a 5-piece, progressive metalcore band centered in Massachusetts. When the band started in 2019, it was comprised of Nathaniel Jones (lead guitar) and Christian Crow (lead vocals). As friends and roommates, they developed Vicarium's early sound. Moving together from Boston to Somerville, they happened upon Josh Phillips (rhythm guitar, supporting vocals) as their neighbor. Josh quickly became part of the band, and the sound of Vicarium developed further. Christian met Samuel Graff (bass) through the internet, and Sam brought on his friend Adam Richards (drums), finalizing the band in the summer of 2022. In early 2023, the group released a self-titled EP and has played a handful of shows.

When writing their songs, Vicarium has kept to two hard rules; make sure it's good, and make sure it's heavy. The band's unique progressive approach to metalcore brings classical influence through atypical and unpredictable song structures. For their debut, self-titled EP, the band wanted to combine the best songs they had, bringing together chilling melodies and crushing breakdowns. In 5 tracks, Vicarium has made a clear statement: "we play it heavy, we play it loud, and we have a great time!"