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Band Bio


Vicarium is a 5-piece progressive metalcore band from Somerville, Massachusetts. In 2023, they released their self-titled demo with five tracks, and did a number of shows in their area. They have since dropped two produced singles and intend to release their debut EP in the Summer of 2024.


From the band’s earliest beginnings in the winter of 2019, Vicarium has had two objectives: write fun, but very heavy songs, and perform it to as many people as possible. For their music, they developed a unique sound, mixing the heavy breakdowns of metalcore with the compositional complexity of progressive metal: “Progressive Metalcore.” In 2022, the band was fully formed, bringing together musicians from around the Atlantic Northeast. With catchy riffs, melodic solos, and crushing breakdowns, Vicarium is now on the scene and ready to blow the roof off of any and every venue they enter.